All Things Drag

Separating Drag From Everyday

There is a saying in the drag community: Drag is not a daytime sport  : And they would be correct.

Today, drag performers are known for performing in dark, large bars, or on big stages with huge, bright spotlights. Which is why performers apply their makeup really dark. In the daytime light, this makeup would not flow as great as if you would be on a the stage.

When you go out in the daytime with makeup as heavy as you need on stage, everyone can see every…little…detail. From the good, to the bad.

There is another quote that many drag performers live by: Do NOT wear your costumes to tip around in, and do NOT wear your tip around clothes to perform in : They too, would be correct.

Tip around clothes are the clothes that you would normally wear outside, anytime of the day. However, costumes, are what you wear on the stage. Costumes are expensive, whereas tip around clothes are very cheap. Treat your costumes correctly, and please, if you put a ton of money into them, do NOT wear them just to walk around in.

Separating drag from everyday can sometimes be a hard thing for some, but for others, it is a philosophy that they live by.

Leave your expensive things (such as wigs, costumes, shoes, etc.) at home, and go out with your regular clothing, no matter how tempting it may be. The last thing that people need is to worry about damaging, or losing (heaven forbid I have) any part of a costume.



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