Tip Tuesday

Pantyhose -vs- Tights -vs- Fishnets (Tip Tuesday)

When you think of drag, what is the first thing you think of? Is it the makeup, or is it the big hair? For some who know the behind the scenes work into drag, they would say the endless amount of pantyhose and tights that a queen can go through.

But what is the real difference between pantyhose and tights? And what exactly are fishnets?



When you think of pantyhose, some would say that the first thing that comes to mind is their mother or grandmother putting on those weird looking socks that go all the way up their legs. In fact, that is most likely what everyone thought of them when they first learned about them.

Pantyhose are a very thin, pigmented piece of nylon. Most of the time, a queen would wear a pair of these to add a sort-of shimmer to the top layer of their opaque tights.



Commonly seen on dancers, tights are the thicker, and more opaque cousin of pantyhose. Tights help to compress your padding, and help to smooth out the lines that your undergarments and padding would make. Hairy legs? Tights in multiple layers help to hide the unruly leg hair, and help to create a solid form for your legs.



Of course, if you have on many layers of tights and pantyhose, it would always be good to add on a layer to help make the legs look more…natural. This is where fishnets would come into play. Don’t know what fishnets are? Well, any man who is out trying to buy pantyhose and tights, would assume that they are those “Holey, looking pantyhose”, and they would be kind of correct.

Fishnets are nylon with a mesh-like design to resemble, no other, than a fish net! They help to add a natural look to your overall application of the tights and pantyhose. Depending on the overall quality, fishnets will last you a long time!



These many layers help to ensure that your pads and anything else you are trying to suppress, stay in place when you are dancing, getting ready, even tipping around. Yes, multiple layers are used In the process of getting ready for the stage, but this part, is what some can call the hardest, especially if you bending over for 15 minutes just to put on the 20 layers to help smooth everything out!




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