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The Importance Of Padding

Have you ever looked at queen and thought: “There is no way that their body looks like that out of drag…”? If you answered yes, you would not be the only one that thought of that question. The answer: You are absolutely correct. Unless the queen has taken the time and money and had work done on their bodies, other queens like to keep the to the traditional ways that they do padding. Through the wonderful craft of padding, a queen can take their body’s from a slender figure, to a perfect hourglass.

However, I would like to include a disclaimer with this post. It is 100% up to the performer if they would like to pad. Although Padding enhances the illusion, it is not always 100% necessary.

Padding is that wonderful thing that most queens prefer to do. While some can take the time to order their pads to be professionally made, others like to do them themselves.

A few items to keep on hold when doing pads can include: Foam Padding (usually UP TO 3 inches thick; or simply, rob a couch cushion that you will never use), A pair of good scissors (although I highly recommend a turkey carver) and, you measurements.

When cutting your pads, it is best to know where you want the most “cushion” to be. This is the point in your pads that help to enhance the illusion of a hip. From that point, you want to know where you want this hips to end. Most hip pads end near the knee, but some can end closer to the middle of the thigh depending on the performers interests.

When tracing out pads, depending on what you are really looking for, it is a matter of geometry and shapes. While Hip/Butt combo pads are shaped like the continent of Africa (seriously, they do, look it up) a regular solo hip pad looks like a blurry teardrop. Breast pads are normally shaped into a triangle, or a circle.

Once you have traced out your image, this is where the turkey carver/scissors come into play. Cut out the shape of your pads, and start to shave them down so that the edges blend, a flow smoothly. This will require quite some time, but time will be your friend in the end. After you finished cutting, pull out the tights, and you are ready to give body!

Below I have included a few videos to help those out there who would like to make their own pads:

Video Courtesy of : Petrilude

Video Courtesy of: Misty Eyez


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