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All About Corseting

Want an amazing hourglass shape when you are padded? Want to show off a slim waist while you are in drag? Then this post is for you! This post will talk all about the amazing art of corseting.

Coresting in itself, is an art. Depending on how tight you tie the laces, this little piece of fabric with boning can create any shape you want your body to give. While many like the hourglass shape, corseting will also give you some amazing benefits. Corseting, to some, is also known as waist training. Giving your body the amazing look, in enough time that it takes to basically tie your shoes.

When it comes to corseting, trying to achieve that look of an hourglass is not the only thing you should be looking at though. Things such as measuring, figuring out what style you would like, whether you want steel boned or plastic boning, and even where to order come into play. This, is all about the wonderful art of Corseting!


Just a few warnings before we begin:

When beginning out with a brand new corset, you always want to “break-in” the corset by wearing it at 15-minute intervals. This will help your corset to begin to take shape, and you will know where your physical limit is when you begin to tie it.

-NEVER over cinch your waist. While some queens can handle wearing a too-small corset, over time it can cause some serious health problems. Over time, if the corset is too tight, it will start to physically cut into you, and can even break certain ribs. The corset should never be too tight to where you can not breathe, for this can cause even worse medical problems.


Measuring Your Waist:

When you first start out with corseting, you want to first start with measuring out your waist. This will be the guideline as to where you will find out the correct size of the corset.

Taking a measuring tape, measure around your natural waist, both with, and without, your undergarments on. Then, take up to 7 inches off of that measurement, and you will have the size of your corset.

This measurement helps to show the size that the corset will go to. Whenever ordering your corset, make sure you get the proper size, as this could cause issues. If you find your number to be an odd number, choose the even number that is higher than that odd number, as corsets are most commonly sold in even number measurements.


Steel Boned VS. Plastic Boned:

When you find corsets online, you will find only two types of corsets, Plastic Boned, or Steel Boned. For drag, keep it simple with the steel boned for corsets that go under your garments, and plastic for corsets that go over your garments.

But what is the difference?

Steel boning is, of course, made of steel rods. These rods will help to keep shape of your corset, and will help to reinforce your waist and keep it in place, and make sure that your corset will not “pop” when you are moving around. Over the course of time, you will notice that the corset will begin to keep the shape that it was when it was on your body, meaning that your corset is officially broken in.

Plastic boning, on the other hand, are plastic rods. These are the corsets that you will always find on eBay, and most of all, cheap. But when you order something cheap, you will get what your money paid for, cheap. These are corsets that, over the course of time, will not withstand the course of time. With plastic boning, you will notice that after a while, your rods will begin to pop out, and even break. This is why most plastic boned corsets are used for a corset cover, normally used over costumes to give the look of a belt, and are normally used to bedazzle, cover, etc.


What is the difference between style?:

When you order a corset, you will notice that there are also different styles. Such as Underbust, Overbust, waist, etc. These styles show how the corset will be overall shaped.


Underbust: The corset creates a Triangle shape under the bust area, and will be longer in the middle area, and will be shorter on the sides

Overbust: The corset covers the bust area. The middle and sides can be the same length

Waist: This is the usual waist training style corset. This corset will only cover the natural waist, and the entire corset will be the same length for both middle, and sides.


What is the best place to order a corset?:

I always give out one amazing place to order corsets. Orchard Corset. This site will help you not only pick out the best corset, but will also help you with many other things. The site includes tutorials, FAQ’s, and so much more. You can find the site at And what I like most about this site, is that they will always have a sale. Try them out!




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