Mini Series, The Parallel Runiverse

The Parallel Runiverse – A New Mini-Series!

They say in this world, that there is an alternate universe where everything is the complete opposite, otherwise known as a parallel universe. However, I have always wondered what would happen if we really did live in a parallel universe. Would it effect how things would really be now? Would it change the course of our time?

I decided to do a little experiment to see how the outcome would really be. Except, I took one of the biggest drag related shows to heart with this little experiment and decided to start my first mini-series of 2017. In the spirit of Season 9 premiering in March, I present The Parallel Runiverse!

How would things have gone if the queen who originally went home, stayed, and the one who stayed went home? Would it effect the entire shows course? Would a new winner have been crowned?

Before I begin the series, I had to establish a few ground rules. These are the rules that I have gone through when it came to working on these outcomes.

The Rules:

  1. If the Winner of the season does not lip-sync, and reaches the top 3, the original winner will not win.
  2. The Original Sent-Home Queen will take the place of the one who Stayed.
  3. If a future lip-syncing queen was already sent home, the winner of the queens previous lip-sync takes the place of the new Sent-Home queen an d so forth.
  4. In the place of a tie/non-elimination, no queens will be sent home.
  5. In the event of a double-elimination, both of the queens will still be sent home.
  6. In the event of a returning queen, they will take the place f the person who home in their place from the original lip-sync that sent them home.
  7. In the event that someone made top 3, and get eliminated before the final lip-sync, they take the place of the 1st Runner Up.
  8. The Rule of 3 – No Queen can lip-sync more than 3 times.
  9. If a queen makes top 3, and have lip-synced more than 3 times, they will NOT take the place of the first alternate.
  10. For future seasons (Seasons 4-8), the top 4 placements will be based on how many times the queens have lip-synced.

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