Tip Tuesday

Perfume (Tip Tuesday)

This is a tip that I learned from one of my favorite Youtubers Misty Eyez. Every queen knows that perfume is a must. However, not every perfume is going to flow great with what venue you will be in. So, what perfume should you go with?

Lets take a look at one of my infamous charts.

Floral VS Sweet And Spicy

Floral – These are the perfumes that many people will smell, and instantly think of their grandparents. These are the perfect perfume when it comes to performing in Bars/Nightclubs. Why? The scent (each brand differs in strength) is strong enough to mask not only sweat, but will mix great with the smells of a bar or nightclub.

Sweet and Spicy – Yes, I know, this is a very vague wording choice, but these are the perfumes that DONT smell like you stepped foot into a floral shop. Things such as the high-end perfumes, the really good everyday perfumes, etc. These perfumes are perfect when you go to a venue that is either, outside, a non-bar/nightclub, festivals, etc. Why? You don’t have to worry about masking the smell of alcohol. If you are outside, any fresh air will help to air out any sweat smells, and will even help your perfume work even better.


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