All Things Drag

Knowing Your Words!

The biggest part of drag is performing. From dancing, to makeup skills, perfecting your performance is always the biggest part of drag. However, one of the biggest mistakes that most beginners make, is not knowing the words to their music. This is the biggest part of drag. Knowing your music can help to ensure that you will have an amazing performance, and most of all, walk away knowing that you left a part of you with the audience.

Here is my biggest tip to help you know your words:

  • PRACTICE! Practice when you are in the shower, practice when you are in the car, practice, practice, practice. Sit down in front of a mirror, and mouth the words. However, not just the words need to be known. Also sit down and perfect the breathing that the artist does for that particular song, perfect the emotion, and most of all, perfect the way you want to be known as a lip-syncer.


Knowing your words is very important. Although there may be times when you get on stage in front of the crowd and have a major freeze, and mysteriously not know the words to a particular part, know that when you know at least 99% of the song, the audience will know you know the words.



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