All Things Drag


Now that we have talked about Padding and Corseting, it is time to start talking about undergarments. Undergarments, whether or not you realize it, are an everyday thing! Whether you are in drag, or out of drag, you always have on undergarments. However, in drag, you are of course wearing different undergarments. Lets take a look at the list of the most important undergarments for drag.

  • Bra
  • Waist Trainer/Corset (If you are trying to achieve that hourglass figure)
  • Spanx (If  you feel comfortable wearing them, or feel like they are necessary)
  • Pantyhose/Tights/Fishnets

That is just the beginning set of undergarments when it comes to drag. Many can branch out and include even more. At the most that I used to wear when I would perform regularly, would also include Spanx, Cincher, Corset, and even adding in a smoother (an article of clothing that resembles Spanx but smooth’s everything out).

However, when you wear all these things, and take into the factor of dancing, being under hot spotlights, and even walking around, you will sweat. A lot. Which, after a while, will leave your garments with a very particular smell. And then, depending on when in your transformation you apply all these garments, you can also get makeup on them. So, when things get dirty, you must wash them. But how?



To wash pantyhose/tights, place them inside a mesh bag, and wash in the washer. DO NOT throw them in the dryer. Hang them up to air dry.

Don’t want to throw them in a washer? You can hand wash them by placing your hand inside the pantyhose and washing out the feet, groin area, and knee area. Hang them to dry.

Waist Trainer/Corset

To wash your waist trainer/corset, take a moist washrag and wipe it down, both inside and out. Hang to dry.


You can wash out your bra the same way you wash out your pantyhose, but you can also throw your bra into the dryer.

Spanx / Smoother

Depending on the brand, you can throw spanx and smoothers into the washer, however, follow the garments wash instructions to find out if they can be thrown into the washer.


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