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All About Hair! (The World Of Wigs)

The finishing touches when it comes to your performance, begins with hair! Whether it be long, short, curly, straight, Mohawk, Fall, or even if it is Synthetic, or Lace Front, hair will always be an essential part of your drag.

When it comes to wigs, there is always a wide variety to choose from. However, how will you know when you have a great deal? Will it be when you can get the cheapest price? Will it be when you have it styled the way you want it? These are a few tips for when it comes to buying wigs:

  • If you can buy your hair in person, it is always a bonus for several reasons:
    1. You can feel it to see its thickness
    2. You can acturally (if the store has a policy) can try on the wig to see how it will look
    3. You will be able to take it home the same day
  • You should always buy two of the same wig to either help maximize thickness, or to simply have a back-up
  • It is always best to buy synthetic for several reasons:
    1. It will hold curls better
    2. They will always clean better (not having to use expensive cleaners or risk knotting)
    3. They will always hold their style for much longer time
    4. They will always be about 75% cheaper than real human hair or mixed hair.


When it comes to wig shopping, there will always be a variety of beauty shops that you can enter to go and buy them in person. But what if you are in a location where, depending on several factors, it is harder to get to a good beauty shop? This is where the tip of buying online comes in.

When you buy a wig online, it is always good to know what is a deal, and what is not. If you go to any wig shop online, you will always see hair that is either only avalible to wholesalers (such as beauty shops, wig shops, etc.) or an outrageous price.

A diamond in a rouge that I was taught, was to go to one simple website for a great deal. Hairsisters. Hairsisters has their online shop set up the way that many should go. Everything is neatly tucked away in a certain category, and you can even search via color that you would like. And we all know that colors for wigs are endless!

Hairsisters values your service. Getting that big box in the mail will always brighten up a queens day, and to top it off, almost 95% of wigs are same day shipping!


Lacefront VS Non Lace

When it comes to wigs, you primarily have two main categories, Lace Front or Non-Lace Front. What is the difference?

Lace Fronts of course, have a lace netting detail in the front to help mimic the look that the hair is literally growing out of your head

Non-Lace Fronts do not have this option. These wigs are better suited for either a bump, or to help make toppers!


Hair is always 100% up to you, as is most of your drag. It comes in many shapes, styles, colors, lengths, etc. The world of wigs is an endless opportunity.

Below I have attached Easy Drag Hair Tutorial, a mini-series that a fellow queen (Sara Andrews) has put together for those who would like some easy tutorials on how to style your hair.



As you can see, the world of possibilities for wigs, is endless! Hope you enjoy your new wigs, and hope that you have just as much hair shopping that I do!


(Videos Courtesy of: Sara Andrews)


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