All Things Drag

Costuming For The Stage

You have all the undergarments, you took the time to make sure your lip-sync is perfect, but you are missing a big key to being on stage. The Costume!

When it comes to drag, you will always know a performer by the way that they costume. While some like to go over the top, others like to keep costumes simple. However, there is one thing that you should always know, it is YOUR costume. Everything about the costume is consecutively up to you. Form the way that it is cut, to the way that you present it.

Here are some tips when it comes to costumes:

  • A majority of costumes are constructed out of 4Way Stretch Fabric, second most used fabric is Lycra (a fabric that is commonly used in swimsuits).
  • Knowing how to sew will give you major points when it comes to constructing costumes.
  • Always, and most importantly, construct the costume to fit not just one song, but a variety of songs to get the most versatility out of your costume.


However, what does versatility mean when it comes to costumes? Just like there are a variety of genres for music, there is always a variety of costumes that can go with those genres. Below I have compiled the two umbrella styles of costumes and what they best suit.



Gowns are best useful when it comes to ballads or dramatic styles of music


Leo’s are best used when it comes to fun, energetic styles of music, and are best suited for dance style songs. However, you can also use this style of costume when it comes to fun, yet dramatic styles of music.


Most importantly, costuming says a lot about who you are as a performer. Are you someone who likes a little edge in their style? Someone who wants to portray an old, Hollywood actress? These are all questions you must ask yourself before starting to construct your costume. But most of all, remember to have fun, because making the costume is only half of the fun!


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