The Different Styles Of Drag

When it comes to drag, there are many different styles and ways that someone can do drag. After all, Drag is just an umbrella term! How someone goes about their drag, is completely up to them, as referenced to many of my other posts.

However, what are all these styles?

Club : Embodies an aestetic on exaggeration

Celebrity Impersonator : Dressing to resemble a celebrity (such as Cher, Madonna, ETC.)

Pageant Queen: These are the queens who value the hard work that goes into competing. They primarily do pageants and other competitions.

Post Modernist: Embodying art, punk, rock, Racial & Social issues in the form of performing.

Fishy: These are the queens that have taken their makeup and drag to the level into which you have to second guess if they are male or female.

Genderfuck: A style of drag that takes the boundaries of gender and blurs them together.

Add to dictionary : Queens who use their drag as a means to help others. For example, the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence.

and of course Fluid: A queen who does not stick to just one style of drag.


These are just the top styles of drag. Behind these, there are many other forms of drag out there for queens. The best form of drag, is knowing that YOU DO what YOU want to do.


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