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The Basic Face and More!

Now comes the point in the transformation where you are ready to apply makeup. The makeup transformation is one of the biggest transformations that you can undergo when it comes to getting ready. When a new performer learns all about the makeup transformation, they are always taught a basic face. This is a face that you can use and modify over the years to make it yours.

The basic face contains:

Base: Foundation, Powder


Eyes: Brows, Cut Crease, Lashes


However, there is obviously more to a basic face. Things such as Covering Eyebrows, Spraying in a Hairline, what lashes to use, etc. Below I have compiled some of the best brands to use when it comes to makeup as well as a few pro tips.


  • The best two brands when it comes to drag include: Kryolan and Ben Nye. They are both meant for onstage.
  • When it pertains to spraying in your hairline, it is best to use a spray that you are comfortable with. Colored hairspray comes from many brands, colors, ounces per can, etc. My top brands include Graftobian and Jerome Russell.
  • I prefer to stack my lashes. I use a combination of #199 and #301. A #301 lash is a staple among queens.
  • My biggest tip of all, after powder and foundation, you DO NOT need mac, Sephora, or any other big name brand of makeup. Those brands are meant for OFF stage, and after a certain price, everything is the same.




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