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Establishing a Routine (Tip Tuesday)

When I used to perform regularly, I would always tell people the best way to get ready in drag, is to have a routine for each time you get ready. Such as when I would be starting the transformation, how I would do my face, when would I take small breaks from painting my face, to when I would arrive to the venue.

Having a routine is very important, as it will help make sure that you will always show up on time to your performances. Below I have included a short routine that I would always do whenever I got in drag.

One N Ten Monthly Performances

6am – Wake Up (Per Usual Everyday)

10:30am – Prepare my work space

11:00am – Begin the Painting Process

After laying down my powder to bake – Take a small 10 minute break to finish packing

After applying my lip liner – Taking a small 5 minute break

1:15pm – Put away all the makeup I used and clean up the space I used

2:00pm – Message All Performers to Make Sure they knew call time

3:30pm – Leave for the Venue

4:00pm – Arrive at Venue (Thanks to Phoenician Traffic)

4:15pm – Unpack my station

5:00pm – Call Time For performers

5:30pm – Get into my costume, hair, touch-up face

6:00pm – Show starts

7:30pm – Show Ends

8:00pm – Leave Venue

9:00pm – Return Home



This was the routine that I used every time I would host the Stars of One N Ten show here in Phoenix, and it took me about 3 months to adapt to this schedule. However, when you have a routine, it helps to make sure that everything will go smooth.



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