The Parallel Runiverse

The Parallel Runiverse – Season Four


  1. Since Willam was originally disqualified during the Phi Phi and Sharon Lip-Sync, a queen will be chosen for the Non-Elimination, resulting in an Elimination.
  2. For the New Latrice Royale VS Kenya Michaels Lip-Sync (replaced with Lashawn Beyond VS Kenya Michaels), to keep up with the momentum of the season, and still result in a top 3, there will be a non-elimination.

Color Index:

Won Lip-Sync

Lost Lip-Sync

Runner Ups



Original Lineup: Willam Disqualified

Jiggly Caliente VS Alisa Summers

The Princess VS Lashawn Beyond

Dida Ritz VS The Princess

Milan VS Madame LaQueer

Milan VS Kenya Michaels

Jiggly Caliente VS Milan

Willam VS Jiggly Caliente

Phi Phi O’Hara VS Sharon Needles (Non-Elimination) – Willam

Latrice Royale VS Dida Ritz

Latrice Royale VS Kenya Michaels

Chad Michaels VS Latrice Royale 

Original Top 3 – Sharon Needles, Phi Phi O’Hara, Chad Michaels

Original Winner – Sharon Needles

New Lineup: No Disqualification

Alisa Summers VS Jiggly Caliente

Lashawn Beyond VS The Princess

Lashawn Beyond VS Dida Ritz

Madame LaQueer VS Milan

Kenya Michaels VS Madame LaQueer

Kenya Michaels VS Alisa Summers

Kenya Michaels VS Willam

Phi Phi O’ Hara VS Sharon Needles

Lashawn Beyond VS Latrice Royale

Lashawn Beyond VS Kenya Michaels (Non-Elimination due to Top 3 Ranking)

Lashawn Beyond VS Chad Michaels

New Top 3 – Phi Phi O’ Hara, Kenya Michaels, Lashawn Beyond

New Winner – Phi Phi  O’ Hara

The Rules:

  1. If the Winner of the season does not lip-sync, and reaches the top 3, the original winner will not win.
  2. The Original Sent-Home Queen will take the place of the one who Stayed.
  3. If a future lip-syncing queen was already sent home, the winner of the queens previous lip-sync takes the place of the new Sent-Home queen an d so forth.
  4. In the place of a tie/non-elimination, no queens will be sent home.
  5. In the event of a double-elimination, both of the queens will still be sent home.
  6. In the event of a returning queen, they will take the place f the person who home in their place from the original lip-sync that sent them home.
  7. In the event that someone made top 3, and get eliminated before the final lip-sync, they take the place of the 1st Runner Up.
  8. The Rule of 3 – No Queen can lip-sync more than 3 times.
  9. If a queen makes top 3, and have lip-synced more than 3 times, they will NOT take the place of the first alternate.
  10. For future seasons (Seasons 4-8), the top 4 placements will be based on how many times the queens have lip-synced.

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