The Parallel Runiverse

The Parallel Runiverse – All Stars Season Two

Color Index:

Won Lip-Sync

Lost Lip-Sync

Who The Winner Chose To Go Home

Who The Loser Chose To Go Home

Runner Ups


Eliminated Before Final Lip-Sync

Updated Rules for All Stars Season 2:

  1. No past winners shall compete for the All Stars Season 2 New Lineup.
  2. If a past season winner is in the original lineup, they will be replaced with a queen from the previous winner’s new season lineup.
  3. The New Queen will have the same choice for elimination as the queen who was originally in the lineup.

Original Lineup: Adore Quit In Episode 2

Roxxxy Andrews (Coco Montrese) VS Tatianna (Coco Montrese)

Alaska (Tatianna) VS Katya (Tatianna)

Alyssa Edwards (Ginger Minj) VS Detox (Katya)

Alaska (Alyssa Edwards) VS Phi Phi O’ Hara (Alyssa Edwards)

Tatianna (Phi Phi O’ Hara) VS Alyssa Edwards (Phi Phi O’ Hara) – (Both Re-Entered)

Alaska (Tatianna) VS Katya (Roxxxy Andrews)

Detox (Alyssa Edwards) VS Katya (Roxxxy Andrews)

Original Top 4- Alaska, Detox, Katya, Roxxxy Andrews

Original Winner – Alaska

New Lineup: Adore Does Not Leave Competition, Ivy Winters takes place of Alaska

Tatianna (Coco Montrese) VS Roxxxy Andrews (Coco Montrese)

Katya (Tatianna) VS Ivy Winters (Tatianna)

Detox (Katya) VS Alyssa Edwards (Ginger Minj)

Phi Phi O’ Hara (Alyssa Edwards) VS Ivy Winters (Alyssa Edwards)

Tatianna (Phi Phi O’ Hara) VS Alyssa Edwards (Phi Phi O’ Hara) – (Both Re-Entered)

Adore Delano (Roxxxy Andrews) VS Ivy Winters (Tatianna)

Adore Delano (Ivy Winters) VS Detox (Alyssa Edwards)

New Top 4 – Adore Delano, Tatianna, Alyssa Edwards, Detox

New Winner – Adore Delano

The Rules:

  1. If the Winner of the season does not lip-sync, and reaches the top 3, the original winner will not win.
  2. The Original Sent-Home Queen will take the place of the one who Stayed.
  3. If a future lip-syncing queen was already sent home, the winner of the queens previous lip-sync takes the place of the new Sent-Home queen an d so forth.
  4. In the place of a tie/non-elimination, no queens will be sent home.
  5. In the event of a double-elimination, both of the queens will still be sent home.
  6. In the event of a returning queen, they will take the place f the person who home in their place from the original lip-sync that sent them home.
  7. In the event that someone made top 3, and get eliminated before the final lip-sync, they take the place of the 1st Runner Up.
  8. The Rule of 3 – No Queen can lip-sync more than 3 times.
  9. If a queen makes top 3, and have lip-synced more than 3 times, they will NOT take the place of the first alternate.
  10. For future seasons (Seasons 4-8), the top 4 placements will be based on how many times the queens have lip-synced.

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