2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag

Being Prepared

The Boy Scouts Of America motto is to always Be Prepared. So, just like the Boy Scouts, a drag performer should always be prepared as well.

When you are getting ready for the big performance, you can feel stressed. And when people are stressed, there will always seem to be a little thing that goes wrong. However, if you prepare for it, whatever goes wrong, will always have a way to work itself out.

Tips For Being Prepared:

  • What’s a better way than having ONE costume…having TWO ready to go! Pack two costumes per song choice to help make sure that you will always have a costume ready. If one costume doesn’t fit like you had hoped, than you can always turn to the second.
  • Always burn a second CD as a just in case. Many performers like to always have a second CD ready in case the first one starts to skip, they misplace it, or in worst cases, the DJ misplaces it.
  • Don’t want flyway’s? Carry an emergency second bottle of hairspray with you in your bag! It is easy to go through an entire bottle of hairspray, and sometimes, you use more than you realize. In the case of running out of your all-time favorite hairspray, carry a second bottle as a just in case.
  • Feel like you need an extra lash boost? Lashes not wanting to stay on? Always carry an extra pair of lashes in your drag bag. Not only will they help to add extra fluff to your original lashes, but they will always help in the case that your lashes are not working out.
  • Oh No! The one pair of shoes that you brought are killing your feet. But have no fear, because you packed a SECOND pair of shoes! Problem adverted!
  • Last..but most important…..to help avoid any mishaps with your pantyhose….pack TWO extra pairs! This will help to insure that you will not have to worry about any tears, rips, or dirty feet in the pairs that you have one!

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