2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag

Cleaning Your Drag (Costumes and Wigs)

You wear your costumes, you apply the perfumes, you sweat like there is no tomorrow, and then comes the day that many like to dread….laundry day. Cleaning your drag is one of the behind-the-scenes duties that seem to be the hardest to do. However, there are small secrets that will help to make an all day chore, turn into an easy half-a-day chore.


Washing Costumes:

-If your costumes have stone work, the sad truth is, you will have to hand wash them. Using a small dab of laundry soap on a washrag will help get the job done.

-If you do not have any stonework on your costume, you will be able to easily wash it in the wash machine on cold, but I would recommend to air dry them to help make sure that they do not fall apart.

-Tough Makeup Stains? Spot clean them using a small dab of laundry soap with a tough cleanser in them on a washrag. Wash like regular after allowing it to soak.

Pro-Tip: Need an on-the-go freshener? Mix water and vodka in a spray bottle and spray over the costume. The vodka will take out and smells of perfume, sweat, and will even help to shine up those stones.

Washing Wigs:

-Before washing, it is always recommended that you brush out your wigs. This will help you to find any lost bobby pins, to help get out any big knots, and will also help to make sure that your wigs will not get even more tangled than they might be.

-Fill a tub with warm water and a small but of laundry soap, and then let your wigs soak. After they soak, proceed to wash your wigs and then hang them to dry.

-After they dry, brush out, and style as please

Pro-Tip: Do not brush wigs when wet. Same as not brushing your regular hair when wet, the hairs in the tracks can come loose and over time, your wigs will no longer be as thick as they once were.

To learn how to wash pantyhose and jewelry, head on over to the corresponding posts on this blog.



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