2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag

Establishing Your Reputation

You took months to prepare your costumes, you ordered and received your jewelry, your suitcase is all packed for your performance, now what? Now comes the time to start preparing yourself to establish your reputation. In the drag community, having a positive reputation is key. After all, no one would want to book someone who is known to not be a nice person, or someone who likes to lazy out their drag ecstatic.

Here are a few tips that I found to be useful when trying to establish yourself in the drag community:

  1. Always be positive, but always know that there is a limit. (AKA No one likes a smother-mother)
  2. Network yourself. Try and get your name out there as much as you possibly can, especially when you are in a new venue or on social media.
  3. Offer your services (AKA your talent) for FREE at venues and market yourself as a J.I.C (just in case) performer to show directors.
  4. When in doubt, turn it out. Be known as a performer who will always be amazing on stage. Audience members love a good show, and in the end, they will know who you are as a performer.
  5. My favorite way of being a “walking advertiser” for my character, is to always go to festivals/events in character. This is a way for people who can not make it to bar or nightclub shows (especially those who are under-age) to see you out and about!

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