2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag, The "Hidden" Rules

Etiquette In Public

Going out in public is a great way to network, however, going out in public in full-blown drag, is a whole different ball game. Between people staring, to people wanting to cause drama, being out in public is one of the biggest parts of the networking process.

Along with all the other “Etiquette” posts, this one of course has a whole other world of rules that you should follow. Not to mention making sure you obey the law.

Rule 1: If You Can’t Walk In The Shoe, Do Not Wear The Shoe…period

The biggest rule, if not the golden rule of shoes, is one of the biggest rules for etiquette in public. If you can not walk properly in the shoe, it is best to not wear the shoes. Not just for image reasons, but also for heath reasons. As mentioned in the previous shoe post, not being able to walk in the shoe, can cause problems with not only your ankles, but your legs. And plus, last thing you need, is to fall “head over heels” literally into another person.

Rule 2: Be Courteous To Others

The golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

If someone asks for your picture…take..the…picture. As stressed in so many of today’s posts, this is also a huge way of networking yourself.

Rule 3: If Someone Has A Problem With You, Do Not Address It

Yes, you will sometimes hear people talking about you in a negative light when you leave your house in drag. Yes, you will hear people scream out their car windows at you, and even stand in front of you and scream. It is just today’s problems.

The best thing to do in these situation, is to keep strutting your stuff, and don’t make it into a big problem. A small situation, can sometimes lead into a bigger mess.





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