2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag, The "Hidden" Rules

Etiquette In The Venue

You know the basic rules of the dressing room, but what about the rules of the venue? Yes, you may know the basic rules of the venue (especially when they are posted), but what about the “hidden” rules?

Being in the venue is just half the fun, from being able to network your character, to having a drink after the show. The venue is the home of your performance, so why not have rules set in place at your characters home like they are at your personal home?

The first rule, of course, know your limit. You know those queens that you see that stumble out of the bar at the end of the night? Do not be one of those. Knowing your limit will help to know when you should cut yourself off. Especially when you are new to the performing world. Do you want to be known as one of THOSE performers?

The second basic rule, is to be polite! However, there is a fine, fine line between being polite, and being an (pardon the language) ass-kisser. The golden rule is treating others the way that you would want to be treated. Be polite to everyone you come across in the venue. Starting with the bouncer, to the bartender. You will be known as the polite queen, and not one of those who is rude constantly.

The third, and final hidden rule of being in the venue, is related to the second rule, do not draw negative attention to yourself. Did someone spill a drink on you? Do not explode and go off on them. Did someone step on your toe? Again, do not explode. These are the top two things that anyone would just go off on, and in turn, will turn negative attention onto you. Be nice, and consider that, depending on the time you are in the venue, it can easily be packed, and people may have already crossed their own limit.

These are just three of the basic rules when it comes to being in the venue. Again, being in the venue is just half of the fun. There may also be other rules, such as getting your picture taken, to making new friends, but these are the top three rules that are meant to being in the venue. Make your impression a long lasting one, and you will be asked back.


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