2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag, Tip Tuesday

First Time In A New Venue

Your first time at a new venue, or even your first venue, will be an amazing experience. With new people, a new stage, and a new sense of being able to have a crowd being able to see what you have to offer. There are a few tips that I recommend those who are new to a venue to always follow.

Your First Time In A New Venue

-Always get a general sense of the new place. Including what the stage looks like, how much space you have in the dressing room, and the way that the venue is set up.

-Mingle around before AND after the show. These are people that you have probably never met before, and this is most likely the first time that they are seeing you. First impressions are everything, and mingling around will help you get a feel of what the scene of the bar is really like.

-Make sure you know where any exits are. This will help in any sense of emergency.

-Most importantly: If you have a question, ASK! There is no shame in wondering about the small details of a new venue, and it is always

But above all, make sure you have fun! This is a new place, and if you are having fun, the people around you will have fun too!


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