2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, Pageant Prep

How To Handle A Loss

“And The New Miss…” Those are the words that you will hear shortly before a new titleholder is crowned. You are standing there, with a packed house in front of you, and a whole line of queens standing by you. The anticipation is starting to kick in, but then, a name is called. Someone else’s name. What now?

You have spent countess months preparing for this night, and sadly, it does not work out in your favor.

However, it has worked in your favor in two ways. You are now holding in your hand your critique sheets. These are going to be the sheets of paper that will tell you exactly what you need to work on for the next time around. Whether it be a small detail, or a huge detail, you now know exactly what you need to work on. And secondly, you have just gone in front of an audience that now knows what you have to offer. They have seen you be beautiful, talented, and even better, they have seen you as you. Meaning, they saw everything about you in the short amount of time that you were on stage. They now know exactly who you are as a performer.

When you lose, you  can feel like it is the end of the world. It is quite normal to feel this way. However, what you should not do, is get upset. Do not get upset at the people who judge the pageant, the promoters, or the contestants, especially the winner for that evening.

It is always best to remain calm, gather yourself, pick yourself up, and get ready for the next round. You never know what the next pageant will have in store for you!



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