2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, Pageant Prep

Making The Most Out Of Your Reign

“And The New Miss…” Those are the words that you will hear shortly before a new titleholder is crowned. You are standing there, with a packed house in front of you, and a whole line of queens standing by you. The anticipation is starting to kick in, but then, a name is called. Your Name! You have won the pageant, and the crown and sash are being placed on you by last years titleholder! Now what? You Reign for the next 365 days! Make the most of it! But how?

There are three big tips when it comes to making sure you have the best reign that you possibly can.

Answer Everyone’s Questions

Everyone will have questions for you as you are the titleholder. Whether it be questions about the next year, or if it is questions about what they can do to help you. It is always best to answer everyone’s question to the best of your abilities.

If you do not know the answer to the question, it is best to send them towards the promoter of your system. They will know the answer, and they will be able to help you know the answer to the question if you shall be asked again in the future.

Promote, Promote, Promote

The two goals of you as a titleholder, is to get contestants for the next pageant in your system and to help the system grow as a whole. Get the word out any chance that you get. From performing at different venues in different shows, to even just simply posting about it on your social media pages. Your number one duty as a titleholder, even if it is not mentioned, is to promote the system, while also promoting yourself as well.

Enjoy It

But most of all, you should really enjoy it. Enjoy your time while performing your titleholder duties, and make sure that you take as many pictures as you can. These are memories that will last a lifetime! You deserve it!




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