2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, Pageant Prep

Picking Your System

You are finally ready to enter your first pageant. You finally sat down, figured out what you would like to do, but now what? So, lets start with the first step in a successful pageant run, picking your system. However, when it comes to picking your system, there is a so much that you can choose from, that you can start to get overwhelmed.

Lets start with the basics. When you choose a system, you must choose what style of system you would like.

Pageant System Styles:

-Bar : A Pageant that represents a local bar

-Local: A Pageant that represents a local area

-Regional: A Pageant that represents a regional area

-State: A Pageant that represents a State

-National: A Pageant that represents the nation

The above 5 styles of pageant systems are some of the biggest styles that many choose from. Behind these are also pageants that combine most of the styles, such as a national pageant. A national pageant (such as Miss Gay America) can include Regional pageants, State Pageants, and above of their national pageant. Some state pageants will include local preliminary pageants, as well as some local pageants (such as Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride) will host bar pageants to help get a grasp on who will be competing for their titles.

Another aspect to help you choose your system, is knowing the history of the system. Many systems are rich in history, and with knowing the history of the system, you will be able to know what the system stands for, and what they are like as a system as a whole.

When you are looking at the systems history, also take a look at the past titleholders, and of course, the past contestants! It is best to do your homework on the system to know exactly what they are looking for in a titleholder. When in doubt, always ask questions. Ask the promoters and always ask the past titleholders and contestants. This will also help to know exactly what a system asks of you for your reign if you should win.

With these questions in mind, you will be able to pick a great pageant system. And once you pick your system, you can move onto the next step in preparing for a pageant!



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