All Things Drag, Tip Tuesday

Stocking Up

When it comes to being prepared in the drag world, it is always best to know to how to stock up on the essentials. These days, it always seems that when you love a product, you go back to the store to pick it up, and low and behold….its gone. So, how do you stop that from happening? Simple. Buy more than one of the product.

When you find a product that you love, I always recommend not picking up just one extra, but I actually recommend to pick up three of the same product. This helps to make sure that you will always have that product in stock when it comes to needing it.

Stocking up is basically vital, especially when it comes to your colored hairsprays, to maintaining a certain amount of drag on hand. So next time you come across your favorite lipstick, pick up more than just the one. You will thank me later!


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