2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, Pageant Prep

The Next Step

You won the preliminary title, you are busy with your reign, and then, depending on what level of pageantry you competed in, it is time to start preparing for the next step. This post is all about those who have competed in a preliminary for their pageant, and are ready to start preparing for the next level, the big game, the final pageant in the system.

Lets say you went out and won the title of Miss Gay Arizona Glam, that however, is a preliminary to Miss Gay Glam where you will be competing against another set of contestants. Contestants that have won other preliminaries for that system.

Here are a few tips for when it comes time to start preparing for the next level in your pageant system.

Change Your Package

If you competed for a bar title or a local title, and are advancing onto the regionals or the state level pageant, it is always wise to change your package from the one you competed in your pageant with, to the one that you will be competing with in the next level.

Odds are, you may encounter a judge that was at your prelim, but the biggest encounter you will have, will be with some of the same audience members. The audience who attends different pageants consistently, will always know what each contestant does with their package. So, in turn, you want to show them that you are a versatile performer! Someone who is able to change up their package, and someone who knows how to do more than just one thing.

Make Sure ALL Your Questions Have Been Answered

Every time that you hit a new stage in a new pageant, you will always have a new set of questions. What are the general guidelines? What are the venue rules? Are there any “hidden” rules I should know about? These are just some of the basic questions that you should be asking yourself when it comes time advancing onto the next stage. Make sure that these questions have been answered so you come prepared with your best.

Meet With Some Of Your Competitors

Yes, this may seem like a crazy idea, but trust me, it has worked wonders for so many others. When you meet with you competitors, you will be able to sit down one-on-one with them (or in a group, either or) and be able to get any advice from them. This is extremely helpful if they have competed for this title before.

If the competitor does not live in your area, you can also call them and ask them what type of advice they would give you. It will work wonders as you will now have a basic map to follow when it comes to the competition and what others have experienced within the system.


These are just a few tips when it comes to advancing onto the next stage of the system. Some of these tips have worked for many other performers who have won a preliminary competition and are on their way to the next level, and surely, it will work out for you. Again, remember to enjoy the moment, so many have fought to get to where you are now, and those people are now looking up to you. This is your once in a lifetime chance to take something and turn it around to work in your favor. Enjoy it.




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