2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, All Things Drag

The Purpose And Story Behind My Dragged Up Life

You have seen the phrase “Brought It Back From The Grave” posted on this site numerous times. Now, it is time that I tell you all why I decided to even start My Dragged Up Life and the origins behind it. So, as every project has a beginning, this one started in a very interesting way.

My Dragged Up Life is actually taking out of the context of dragging up the past mixed with the overall topic of the blog, drag. I came up with the title on night while I was just browsing the website for unique names.

A few other names that the blog was originally was going to be called was Britney’s Drag Handbook (I did not name it this for obvious reasons), A Queens Touch, and even High Heels and Rhinestones. There was even a point back in 2016 when I tried out a blog called High Heeled Dreams, but after the first few weeks, I abandoned the idea.

My blog was originally founded back in August of 2014 shortly after I won the title of Miss Junior Glendale as a way for me to help those who wanted to start performing, and over the course of a few months, I started to get burnt out with pageantry, performing, school, and near the beginning of 2015, it was announced that I would become a stay-at-home parent. Then, it went back to filing cabinet, and was not pulled out until late 2016.

In September 2016, I made the move from Phoenix, AZ to Hudson, KY and after a few weeks I decided to start thinking about bringing it back. In December 2016 I moved back to Phoenix, AZ due to personal reasons. And ever since then, I have dedicated my time to putting back together My Dragged Up Life.

When I first started My Dragged Up Life, my main purpose of the blog was to always help those who have wanted to start performing as Female Impersonators. Even though I still have this as a purpose this time around, I also added in my own personal philosophy, that there are no rules in drag. My Dragged Up Life is not meant as a handbook that you need to follow post to post, but as a simple guideline that you can change up to work out for you.

Where did I learn all of these things that I post? I have had the opportunity to have some amazing mentors the last few years, and each and everyone has taught me certain things that I will remember. Thus, me taking my knowledge, posting it online for those who want to learn these things.

Where do I see My Dragged Up Life in the future? I have some big ideas for where I want this blog to go. I am actually working on some things for all of you to learn, and soon, for all of your eyes to see. Between working on the website, to working on the behind the scenes work, I am hoping to take My Dragged Up Life to bigger, and better levels. Lets see if it will work out!

To all of you out there who have taken the chance to read any post on this blog, I want to thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to write, and thank you for taking the time to skim over the site. This is my pride and joy, and overtime, I hope to see it bloom into bigger and better things.




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