2017 1st Quarter Blogathon, Pageant Prep

Why Pageants Are Important

When you enter the drag community, you will instantly hear about those with titles. Whether it be Miss Gay Arizona America (A Regional Title) , Miss Gay USofA (A National Title), or even Miss Phoenix Pride (A local title), you will always see titles that people have competed for. However, did you know that these titles are actually pretty important for drag? Why do you ask? Lets take a look as to why pageants are important.

-Pageants are a way that you can build up your character. It is a way for you to know what you are doing right, and obviously, what you are doing wrong. Your critique sheets that you receive by the end of the night, will be the proof that you need when it comes to knowing these things.

-Not only will you build your character in that one night, but over the course of the time between your first pageant and your second, if you take your critiques seriously, people will notice exactly how much growth you had made behind the scenes.

-You will 100% appreciate the time and effort that you put into your drag so much more. Your attention to detail will be enhanced for all your costumes, and subsequently, you will notice how you view your character more.

-It shows that you know how to be responsible. When you enter a pageant, you are also given a schedule of events, which includes certain times that you will need to be at a certain place, what you need to bring, and shows you what would happen if you do not obey the time that is presented to you.

-It helps your practice! Believe it or not, the packages that performers bring to the stage for a competition, has way more in it that what meets the eye. They put in hundreds of hours into the planning of their package, rehearsing, crafting, and for some, even sitting in front of a mirror to practice their interviews. It not only gives you the time to work on these things, it also MAKES you make time for that work. You cant just slap together a package and win it your first time.

-It helps to get your name out there. Whether you win or lose, your name is now tied to that pageant, and it is now being broadcasted for those who view that pageant. If you win, you get the chance to perform at different venues, to different audiences. It is a special form of networking that many are afraid to try out.






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