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Rox By Cox : A Sparkling Interview

A month ago, I featured an amazing jeweler that goes by the name of Lolli Cox. Over this last weekend, I decided to revamp her shoutout by doing a full interview for all of you to learn a little bit more about her business Rox By Cox!


Q – How Long Have You Been In Business?

Lolli – A little over two years, I started a year into my drag career and that has been 3 years now.

Q – What all does Rox By Cox have to offer?

Lolli – I do custom rhinestone creations for drag queens and theatre companies across the nation. I also offer loose rhinestones in point back and flat back to adorn customers with.

Q – What drew you to starting a business?

Lolli – I come from a family of business owners and my parents have always supported my siblings and I to be our own bosses and to do everything we put our minds to because to never will know unless you’ve tried!

Q – Why this business? What made you want to start a business in this industry?

Lolli – Because I got ripped off. Totally honest, I bought a set from an other jeweler and was taken! Which unfortunately is a very common occurrence with purchasing online, please make sure you know who you’re buying from and only use PayPal it will protect your money! Once that happened I made it my mission to always be honest, fair and to make beautiful pieces to make everyone shine! Over two years and haven’t missed a deadline yet!

Q – How did you come up with the name “Rox By Cox”?

Lolli – Rox by Cox is funny, so I wanted to turn “Lolli Cox” into a brand. Rox in my mind was another word for rhinestones, and Cox being my last name just made sense. I also could make rocks into Rox and still sound the same. Just like Cox vs Cocks! I thought it was witty and went with it, I get compliments about it all the time!

Q – Being in the business for a while, what have been some of your favorite, and least favorite parts of it all?

Lolli – The best: being able to create beautiful pieces that are able to be worn across the country. I love to be given 100% creative freedom, that’s when it turns out the best in my opinion. Details are key! The worst: USPS!!!!! Their shipping is undesirable sometimes.

Q –You have had a tremendous increase with cliental, which leads me to ask, where do you see your business and brand 5 years from now?

Lolli – 5 years from now, who knows honestly! Hopefully I’ll rule the work. Lol. I honestly never expected my jewelry to be as well received as it was. The love I receive from our community is amazing. I especially felt that love when my family and I had our house fire in April of 2016.

Q – What advice would you give someone looking to start their own business in this industry?

Lolli – Never copy! Be an original, the world lacks originality and you will automatically set yourself apart! Keep on top of your orders, you’re only good as your reputation and product you deliver and nobody can control that expect for you. You will have to hold yourself accountable and never make excuses.

Me – Lord only knows how many sets I have sent you pictures of to change up!

Lolli-Exactly! Even if you begged me to make them exactly, I wouldn’t.

Q – What advice would you give to new clients regarding your business?
Lolli – Plan ahead! Don’t wait until the week before your pageant to order your set, pieces take time. Don’t let yourself settle for something that is okay, when you could’ve planned ahead and received a design that is great.
Q – How should new clients contact you?
Lolli – Facebook direct messages are best! Right to this page, comments are always overlooked.
You can find Lolli’s Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/LolliCox
Q – Last but not least, You have anything to plug?
Lolli – I’m always posting new and unusual pieces on my page just follow or add me to Facebook to keep up to date with all my OOAK items!


Lolli Cox is based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and is one amazing jeweler! Just take a look at some of the pieces that she has below!

Lolli Image.jpg

Contact her today to get amazing custom pieces (or order something that you like from her previous sets) at an affordable price, quick turnaround time, amazing customer service, and most of all, amazing quality!



©2017 All Photos In This Article Provided By Lolli Cox of Rox By Cox



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