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Femme Performers Belong in the Drag Community!

A Femme Performer is a performer who is a biological woman, paints like a queen, and performs the same way that everyone else does, if not, better.

Last night while I was scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a status that was put up by an amazing Femme performer who goes by the name Coco Bardot, saying that someone told her that she has it easier because she is a biological woman.  Which in turn, got me thinking. I have had an article like this planned for a while now, but now, it is time to publish it.

In the drag community, just like the real world, there is a hidden politic. This politic goes by saying that Femme Performers do not belong in the drag community because they “were born biological women” or “have it easier” and “don’t know the struggle”. These people are wrong. It is time to stop the hate on the Femme performers and bring them up center stage just like everyone else.

Here is to all of those Femme performers who have had to face the cruel intentions of many in this community. The Femme Performers who have to deal with hearing “You look good for a man” or “You don’t belong in this community”. You performers, do belong here in the community, and you will be staying for as long as you have a lash to apply, a song in your heart, and a stage to shine on!

Drag does not mean that you have to be a biological male. Drag does not mean that you have to be under 50 pounds of makeup. Drag does not mean that you can push away a certain style of drag just because you think they have the upper hand. Drag means that we are here as one, no matter the color of your skin, the style you embrace, or what is in between your legs. Femme performers belong in this community, and no matter who you are, what you portray, or what you have been taught, they are staying, no matter what you say.


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