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Dealing With Stage Fright

You spent the last few weeks preparing, you studied up on your songs, you hit that stage, and then….you freeze. You are overcome with a sense of stage fright, and you wish that you could run off the stage….

When it comes to stage fright, it is best to know that everyone has had some sort of stage fright over the course of their lives. Whether it be, public speaking, performing, or even just simply being in front of a large crowd, everyone has had some sort of stage fright in their life.

There are always two great ways to help you get over your stage fright that I have found to be very useful:

  1. Very well used, Imagine The Audience In Their Underwear. This should be quite simple after a while, and it is one that everyone tells you to do to get over stage fright.
  2. One that I highly recommend, is finding someone in the audience and perform to them. Once you find that one person in the audience, spend even just a few seconds of the song performing to them. This will act as an anchor point to help you with surveying the audience. Which in turn, will help you get to know your audience and help you get over the stage fright that you have for that song. When it comes to the next song, find someone else to perform to, and vice versa for each song.


Stage fright happens to the best of us. No matter how many times you perform, there will always be a small piece of stage fright that will show every now and then, and over the course of time, you will learn how to control it. Now, go out there, and give them the best performance you can!

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