All Things Drag

The Ballad Controversy (And Why It Should End)

There is an age old saying in the drag community and from the audience who attends drag shows that goes “If you don’t have a crown on your head, stay away from ballads.” Today, I am here to end that phrase, once and for all, for a good reason…Ballads can make, or break, your drag career.

Whether you are a new performer, or someone who has been performing for many years, you will hear the above phrase countless times. However, that phrase, is very much an understatement. The war of the ballad is finally rising, and here are my points as to why I say ballads help not only during a show, but will help align your entire drag persona.

  1. While ballads are, yes, slow, some will help you work even harder on knowing every small part of the song. You will learn all the breath marks, you will learn every syllable to every single work, and you will learn how to act during a certain part.
  2. Ballads will help show people how beautiful you can be. While, yes, some will choose a simple gown and big hair, each song will have a certain look tailored to it. Most of all, each song will give you a chance to really take the term “beautiful” and up it up numerous notches.
  3. You will show a vulnerable side to your character. Ballads are literally the window to a characters soul. They will show that you have a piece in your heart that is willing to be open by a certain song. This will help show that you can go on stage, perform from the heart, and leave a part of yourself on the stage.
  4. Your ability to be emotional, no I don’t mean physically crying, in front of a crowd. Each ballad has a certain message in it, and your job is to showcase that message. Whether it be a song that has an angry emotion to it, heartbreak, or even just a simple message of love in it, ballads will showcase emotion. You will be able to learn that emotion, and project it onto the stage.

These are just 4 of the million reasons why I believe that ballads should be performed at least once from each performer out there who steps foot onto a stage.

Ballads can help to align your career by showcasing the number one quality that many performers don’t like to show, vulnerability. When you show your vulnerability, you will be able to showcase any other emotion, song, message, etc. with much ease.



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