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The Music Bucket List

When people think of bucket lists, they will think of things they would want to do before kicking the bucket. However, a Music Bucket List, is essentially the same thing, but with the roles reversed. These will be the songs you would want to perform before your CHARACTER kicks the bucket.

Lets admit it, this is show business, and with show business, you will be in one minute, and the next your career will be over. So it is always best to make the best of it. Which, in sense, is where I created the Music Bucket List. These are songs that I would love to perform before I would finish out my drag career.

Creating a music bucket list will not only be helpful when it comes to knowing exactly what songs to perform before the final role call, but it will also help with picking out songs if you are in a hurry. Just go down the list, and pick a song! Easy as pie!

When you are creating a musical bucket list, pick songs that YOU love, and make sure that you write down the artist, the length of the song, the genre, and of course, the songs title. This will help you know exactly how long you will be on that stage, and will help if you are going into a show that has a certain theme. Makes its so much easier when it comes to finding the music that you would love to perform.

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