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All About Blogathons!

If you have snooped around the site menu, you will have noticed that there is a category called “Blogathons”. So, today, I will be explaining to you all what a Blogathon is, and why I use them as a tool to not only promote, but to help out the readers of the blog.

Blogathon – An All-Day event where the Author of the blog will post numerous posts in a way to work on the blog, promote, or raise money for a certain cause. Some Blogathons can last a day, weekend, or even a month (Similar to National Blog Posting Month in November)

I use the Blogathon as a way for me to catch up on any posts that I meant to post in the previous month, but was not able to. Or, for some, this is a way for me to catch up on my monthly quota that I set for myself each month.

Many people will shy away from doing a Blogathon, but some will only do them once or twice a year. The way that I do a Blogathon is posting 24 posts in 24 hours every 2nd Saturday of the month, starting at 12AM M.S.T. and ending by 11PM M.S.T with 2 full weeks of prep work. And yes, I am working at soon transforming it to 48 Posts in 48 Hours.


How I go about prepping for a Blogathon:

I go about planning out my Blogathons by taking a huge chunk of my post ideas, and cutting out the top 30. I will put those posts aside, and if during the 2 week period of planning I would post some, I would have at least 24 to fall back on.

I will take the time out of each day and write, work on the article featured images, and schedule the articles for the day selected.

How do they help out the readers?:

This event will not only give readers the chance to read 24 articles in one day, but they will not have to wait a whole week before the next article is posted. Giving the reader a full day to learn about different topics.

What is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)

National Blog Posting Month (November of every Year) is a 30 day event where authors of blogs spend 30 days working on their blogs, posting articles, and more. Similar to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), each author has a choice to have a certain amount of articles written, what length each article should be, and gives the chance to have a full month of articles ready to go for viewers.







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