All Things Drag, Tip Tuesday

Balancing Life And Drag

There will be a time when you start performing, you will start to notice how busy you will get once your reputation starts to grow. So, when that day comes, it is time to start learning how to balance your daily life, with your performing life.

First things first, there is a little aspect that you need to realize before you start establishing your character, drag is going to have to be ranked lower on your priority list than everything else. Why? Unless drag is paying your bills, it is not 100% important to be on the stage.

Balancing your life and drag can be a little difficult, but that is why I am deciding to help you out and show you how it can go a little easier. Below are two of my biggest tips.

Starting out with getting either a planner or a planner app.

With a planner, you will be able to keep major track of what you are doing in life. This will help you out with knowing what you have planned for not just a show day, but for everyday. Now, depending on how organized you are with your schedule making, you will be able to know exactly what you have planned hour-by-hour, and will be able to schedule in the most important drag tasks. Tasks such like, crafting, practicing, organizing, and booking.

When it comes to making sure you remember everything, and know how to balance these things, you will know of one, pretty amazing, tool. Routine. If you work 9 to 5, or 8 to 4 (whatever your for sure work schedule is), and you have shows during the evenings, you will have to know how to stick to a routine.

Routine is key to balancing drag and life. Below I put down a simple routine that I would have commonly used when I was taking classes on campus (currently all online now) and had shows in the evening:

6AM  – Wake Up

9AM – Leave For Campus

10AM-3PM – Classes

4PM – Arrive at Home

4:30PM – Start Getting Ready

6PM – Leave For Show

7PM-9PM – Show

10PM – Go Home

11PM – Sleep

Soak, Rinse, Repeat on show days.


Having a routine is key to survival when it comes to balance.

These are just two of the biggest tips I can give you for balancing life and drag. Some people like to go to the extremes of physically writing down priorities, or having drag bags packed before they even leave for work, but for now, lets stick with these two easy things.


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