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Fierce by Pearce: A Sparkling Interview

On this #Shoutout Day, I would like to pay homage to another amazing business. As many know, the last #Shoutout I posted was for an amazing jeweler. This time, I want to post about an amazing designer, crafter, and bedazzler, Rebecca Pearce of Fierce By Pearce.


Q – How long have you been in business?

Rebecca – Not long at all. It took me up until a year ago to realize that my hobby could be a career.

Q – What all does “Fierce By Pearce” offer?

Rebecca – Currently I offer custom accessories and costume design. Costume design can be anything from cos-play style outfits to creative evening wear for pageants.

Q – Why did you choose this business?

Rebecca – As I mentioned, this started as a hobby because my wife started performing as a Drag King and I was making her outfits. It turned out that taking random finds from Goodwill and turning them into drag costumes was something I enjoyed and excelled at. After a few years of only her wearing my creations my name started to get around and others started coming to me and the business aspect presented itself and I went for it.

So you would say that you are the true definition of turning a hobby into a business!
Yes and no, this wasn’t even something I knew I was good at until I started doing it. Once I started though I truly did find my passion for creating.
Q – How did you come up with “Fierce By Pearce”?
Rebecca – It was actually suggested to me by a friend. It came from the comments I would get on pictures of my work, so many would be just a one word comment “Fierce”. My friend Luisa Hall-Valdez actually put it together into Fierce By Pearce!
Q – Being in Business this long, what are some of your favorite, and least favorite, parts of it all?
Rebecca – My favorite part is realizing someone’s vision. Meeting with a client and learning what it is they are wanting then taking this concept that they have dreamed up in their mind and making it a reality. And not simply making it a reality, I live for the moments when they see their suit or their costume and it is so much more than they thought it was going to be. When that picture that they had in their mind doesn’t compare to the product I have created. My least favorite thing has got to be the time between when a piece leaves with someone who is competing in a pageant and the results of the pageant. I know I have created everything they have asked for and they love it but judging can be subjective and I get so stressed and worried about how the judges will react to what I have created. It’s kind of like how when Star Wars a New Hope came out George Lucas was so nervous about how the movie would be received he went to Hawaii instead of the premiere just in case. That is totally something I would do.
Q – Where do you see “Fierce By Pearce” in 5 years?
Rebecca – In 5 years I would like Fierce By Pearce to be known as the go to creative evening wear designer for kings. Have my designs and costumes be sought after by people not just in Arizona and it’s neighboring states but a nationally recognized brand.
Q – What advice would you give to those wanting to start their own business?
Rebecca – This is all still very new to me so my business ideas aren’t anything spectacular yet. But for me this isn’t business it is passion and art. So my advice is to do what you’re passionate about and make it into a beautiful work of art.
Q – What advice would you give to new clients?
Rebecca – Tell me! Contact me on Facebook I love getting to work with new people. Send me a message and let’s have some fun!
Q – Speaking of new clients, how would you like them to contact you?
Rebecca – Facebook is the best way to make the initial contact, once we start working together if there’s a better way for us to communicate we can set that up then.
Q – Last but not least, do you have anything to plug?
Rebecca – Come see some of my stuff in action (modeled by Dee Jae Galaxy) at the AZ Drag Stars show at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, AZ. And a huge congratulations to Eddie Broadway for winning Mister USofA MI 2017!
Check out some of her amazing work!:
You can find more about Rebecca and her business Fierce By Pearce by following the link I posted below:
©2017 My Dragged Up Life – All Photos Provided By Rebecca Pearce of Fierce By Pearce

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