All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

Booking Shows

Everything is all set. You are finally ready to enter the world of performing. Now what? Now comes the time to start booking shows!

When you start to book shows, you will realize that many will give you one of two responses. “I Need To See You Perform First”…or….”You Will Have To Volunteer Your Time”.

As detailed in the “Paid -VS- Free” article I posted earlier, you will have to pay your dues before you are in the paid bookings. This means you will be going out there and getting your experience, growing as a performer, and of course, in the meantime you will be seen by countless entertainers and audience members. This will give you your chance at starting to see the big bookings roll in, of course, after you pay your dues.

It is always a great start when it comes to booking your shows to go through the show director directly. This will give you the chance to not only talk to them, but to find out what their show is like (which you can also find out by attending said show), when there may be an opening for you to volunteer your time in, and will also give you a look at how others book their talent.

A good second way to booking shows, before AND after your first show, is making your drag memorable. After people see you perform, they will start to remember you (that is, if you are memorable), and they will start to think about you when the next show comes around. This will help you to get shows easily, as you have made an impression on peoples minds.

Lastly, market yourself. This is one of my favorite ways of getting myself out there. Go to big events, volunteer your time, make memories, all the while marketing your character. Just words of the wise, make sure you have every little emergency product you would need before heading out for a full day at a pride may sound silly that I am saying to carry a bottle of hairspray with you…but trust me…you will thank me later.


Those are just three of my personal tips that I give people when it comes to booking shows. Coincidentally, once you have mastered most of these tips, you will have to also include some ways that YOU would like to prefer. Whether it be talking to the show director in person, on social media, over the phone, etc. or if it would be to get business cards printed (I have seen this trick done many times) and leaving them with some of your friends to pass along to show directors or bar owners.

Get out there, enjoy yourself, and get yourself a spot in that show that you always wanted! You have officially learned all the tips and tricks when it comes to mastering the beginning aspects of drag!

©2017 My Dragged Up Life


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