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Drag Performer Of The Week – Felicia Minor

When I first started to think about reviving My Dragged Up Life, I thought about bringing back on segment in particular, The Drag Performer Of The Week. When the segment first started, I simply listed points that I knew about the performer, past experiences, and pictures. However, this time around, I wanted to do a full interview to let you all know about them in further detail.
This week, I want to name a queen that I have knew in the valley for many years. She is like a mother, auntie, mentor, and friend to me. She has seen me when I first started drag, and she has seen me grow. I have been part of her shows, she has been a part in mine, and I know that there will be plenty more in the future.  Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me welcome the one and only Felicia Minor!

Q – When did you first start drag?

Felicia – I first started drag in 2007, but came into my own around 2009. I started out as a hallo-queen (drag queen on Halloween).
Q – What would you say is your Drag Style/Esthetic
Felica – The pageant queen and campy queen have a baby, that’s raised by classic queen. Pageant queen had no time and the campy queen tripped out and forgot about me and left me at the club.

Q- Being in the drag scene for almost Ten Years, What would you say is your biggest acheivment? Felicia –Being in the drag scene for almost ten years, I have received awards, being crowned Miss Gay Supernova USofA Newcomer, taken a journey to nationals in the Entertainer of the Year system, been recognized by Echo Magazine in their Hall of Fame in 2014. With that all being said and awards being named my biggest achievement is to watch the community grow and being able to contribute to the growth and improvement for sure.


Q – What Has Been Your Most Embarrassing Moment in Drag?
Felicia – Calling someone the wrong name on mic. Hm… just one, uh?


Q – What would be your biggest advice for someone just starting drag?
Felicia – Listen — for the first five years, get to know yourself, learn from others. If people give you advice, take it in. Maybe try it once, if it doesn’t work then thank them for their time. You never stop learning about craft. Always be improving and teacher others what you’ve learned.


Q – Do you have a certain routine you follow when getting ready? If so, what does it look like?
Felicia – Night before: Music; pack bag Day of: Shower, shave armpits (if I don’t forget), arms, legs — while getting into drag: songs/mixes are on repeat. Then shave my face, moisturize, prime face, glue down eyebrows. Body, then do the face. Get dressed and run out the door.
 Q – Where do you see your Character in 5 years?
Felicia – These next couple years I want to continue to grow the show/YouTube community. I want to get back to giving back to the community, I have fallen back in recent years to focus on my “boy” career.

Q – Lastly, Do you have anything to plug? Felicia – Check out Let’s Have A Fefe at You can also see me around the valley and looking for gigs all the time, connect with me at


©2017 My Dragged Up Life – All Images Provided By Felicia Minor In Part With Gabe King Photography and Lets Have A Fefe


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