All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

Festivals (And Using Them To Your Advantage)

A few articles ago, I brought up about using Festivals as a way to market your character. In this article, I would like to explain to you how to use festivals in your advantage.

Pride Season has officially kicked off, and now it is going to be the time for you to start advertising your character. This will be the time where there will be numerous huge parties, you will run into almost every performer out there, and you will also be given the chance to meet some of the most amazing show director that you will ever know. So, all in all, it is going to be the perfect time for you to market who you are as a performer.

Go In Drag

Yes, I did just say to go in full drag. Yes, I did say in an article that drag is a night time activity in one of my first articles. No, I am not contradicting that article.

What I mean by going in drag, is just that. When you go to pride in drag, you will be able to market WHO YOU ARE as a queen/king to every person that you walk by.

For example, Phoenix Pride had over 35,000 attendees on DAY ONE of the pride festival this past weekend. That would mean that over 35,000 people saw you in drag.

Talk To People

Word of mouth has and always will be the biggest form of advertising you will always be able to do.

Take this time to talk to show directors, talk to fans, talk to those who want to talk to you. Trust me, this will be one of the best ways that you can get in touch with someone.

Most Of All…Smile For The Camera

Alright. Lets get this one out of the way. I have seen so many people who refuse to let their picture get taken. DONT BE ONE OF THEM! If someone wants to take your picture with them, take..the..picture. Not only will this show that you are willing to let someone take your picture, but you are now part of their pride memory. That person will see that picture and smile with joy at an amazing weekend that they had. You were all a part of that weekend.


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