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Getting Music Off Of YouTube

In today’s day and age, there are many ways of acquiring your music. Whether it be from ITunes, or if it comes from a CD that you ripped onto your laptop or computer. However, there is another more common way for you to receive your music without having to pay for it. Ripping it off of YouTube.

Below I have left a review on the amazing app that allows you to do just that!

Apps That Allow You To Get Videos/Audio Off Of YouTube

There is one app that I love that I have downloaded right onto my laptop so I can download not just music, but videos as well. The app is called YTD Video Downloader.

This app you can download right off of and will allow you to download videos and convert them over to any format that you please without paying any money to do so.

Over the years, my love for this app has grown and has kept on growing. This app is wonders for getting music off of YouTube. And to make it much more better, it is completely free to download, free to use, and over time, it will get so much better!

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