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Having Idols (And A Look Into Some Of My Local Idols)

When you enter the drag world, you will instantly have a performer that you look up to. Whether it be someone who is in your city, or someone who is in another country. Having Idols is going to be one of the blessings that you have in your drag life. And even if you meet them or not, they are going to be the ones that you will always look up to.

These people will be the ones that you can reach out to for advice. Some you can talk to face to face, or others you will rarely talk to.

However, there is a quick tip that you should know when it comes to trying to achieve a look like your idol.

-Do Not Copy Their Look 100%

Every performer is different in different ways. You can take parts of their makeup, or parts of their costumes, but is always best to come up with a style of your own, and not copy their look 100%.

It is also best to know that your idols do not have to be from the same style of drag you are in. You can have King idols, Campy Idols, Pageant idols, the options are always endless.

Some of MY local idols include: Barbra Seville, Eddie Broadway, Diva, Felicia Minor, Afeelya Bunz, and Osiris and Sassy Diazz.

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