All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon, Tip Tuesday

Inspiration Boards

This is going to be one of those topics that is 100% up to you if you would like to do it or not. However, it is something that I found to be extremely helpful for MY drag.

Inspiration boards can be a blessing. They can help you decide not just what you can do for a costume, but they also can help you out with ideas on how you would like your drag closet to look, or how you would like your next pair of earrings to look, or even how you would like to organize your pieces of fabric that you have and how to properly display them.

When it comes to creating an Inspiration Board, it is best to always set it up the way that you would want to. This could be either working with Pinterest, a piece of foam core, or just simply keeping images in your phones gallery.

The way that I do MY inspiration boards, is by using the oh so common, Pinterest (I even linked my Pinterest Account to my Social Media Bar here on the site for anyone to look at!). An easy to use app that keeps things neat and tidy for me (as many people cant tell, I am very OCD).

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