All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

Keeping It Appropriate

Let’s face it…you wont just perform in bars or around those who are strictly 21+. You also wont just be performing as just a simple performer, but sometimes as a titleholder (if that is the direction that you are looking at going). So, in turn, you will need to learn how to keep things appropriate when it comes time to doing shows that has a wide variety of ages in the audience.

All Age Events

These are going to be the events that will have children and families in the audience. Whether it be festivals, outdoor shows, or just a show at a non-nightclub/bar atmosphere.

At these type of events, it is best to perform songs that will be received postiviley by those who are going to be in the audience. As many would say, if it has a cuss word, a theme that is around violence (sex or drugs included), or if it requires a certain costume that would make you look like a stripper, do not pick that song.

This will also be one of the times where you would also want to make sure that you are not showing off too much when you are wearing your costume. It is best to always use the philosophy “If you see your belly button or too much cleavage, do not wear it”.

Being A Titleholder

When you are a titleholder, you will have even more eyes on you, and you will have just as many rules. Many titles will have certain rules when it comes to your performances, and how you should conduct yourself while on stage.

For example, when you are a titleholder for the Phoenix Pride System, you can not perform a song that has any harsh language, themes regarding violence, sex, or drugs, and you can not wear any vulgar costumes.


Keeping it appropriate is going to be one of the things as a performer that you should know how to do. Especially when it comes to going to events where the audience is not going to just be 21 years old and up.



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