All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

My Weekend At Phoenix Pride 2017

Parades, Music, Entertainment…Its the kickoff to the pride season! The official Phoenix Pride Festival happened this last weekend (April 1st and April 2nd) down at Steele Indian School Park here in Phoenix, Arizona. And let me tell you, this weekend is not one that disappoints (It is, after all, the biggest social event of the year)! Here is my review of my time at the Phoenix Pride Festival 2017.

Every year, the Phoenix Pride organization hosts the biggest Pride Festival in Arizona. With over 35,000 attendees over the course of 2 days, this is one event that I refuse to miss.

This year, the Phoenix Pride Festival broke an all-time record of over 37,000 attendees.

Endless entertainment, countless memories, this weekend was full with many highs with very little lows.

This year also marked the first time I went to a Pride Festival not in drag, which allowed me to view the festival in a different, more comfortable light!

April 1, 2017

Yea, its April Fools Day, yet no one here is taking pride as a joke! It all started out with the kick-off of the Phoenix Pride Contestants performing on the community stage right at 12pm. 13 amazing contestants performing to the music that they loved, with the love from their fellow community.

Not long after, the entertainment skyrocketed. With Afeelya Bunz (one of my biggest idols in the Phoenix Drag Scene), performing one of the most emotional mixes that did not leave a dry eye in the crowd, your Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride 2017 (Eva Angelica Stratton and Kristopher V. Lee)  graciously taking the stage at every turn, and the love of the community being shown with every beat of music that was presented.

The same could be said with the main stage. Performer after performer, song after song, the main stage was alive like it was on fire. With Barbra Seville (another one of my biggest idols from Phoenix) behind the mic, you would not want to leave the stage’s viewing ground.

Once the sun went down, it was time to hit the Dance Pavilion. It may have been packed, but the DJ’s brought the energy packed music that would have kept the party alive till the wee hours (if the festival was still open past 9pm).

April 2, 2017

The morning of the 2nd was alive once again with the Bank of America Pride Parade kicking off at 10am with a record-breaking amount of entries strolling down 3rd Street. Although I was not present at the parade (I partied a little too hard the day and night before), I was able to watch it on the live streams provided by the local new stations.

Then, it was time to get the festival going again.

The community stage was alive once again with many entertainers, and the main stage was abuzz once again with Barbra Seville and Mia Inez Adams behind the mic!

I sadly left before I had a chance to hit the Dance Pavilion, but from what I heard, it was just as exciting as the previous night!



The next huge Phoenix Pride festival-style event will be taking place in October, The Rainbows Festival! Until then, catch up with what all the organization will be doing by going to!


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