All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

Packing Your Drag Bag

You should recall the article I wrote about 2 weeks ago that talks about organization within your drag closet, now lets talk organization when we are getting your suitcase ready for your bookings!

Packing your drag bag will always make your booking actually feel real (minus the putting 50 pounds of makeup on your face and actually getting on stage.). Putting your costumes in, and then finally being able to wheel it out to the trunk of your car, will feel like the best thing in the world when you first start performing. However, how exactly should you pack your drag bag?

The Rule Of Performance Lineup

I always explain this rule to those who ask about how to pack their bags. I always start out by saying, “Pack for the show starting with your final look.” This will have your costumes folded in a way that for your first song, your costume will be on top, and as the show progresses, you wont have to dig deep to find that costume.

Packing Jewelry For Your Bag

When you place jewelry in a suitcase along with hair, costumes, etc. you will have the risk of breaking it. So to pack your jewelry in an easy way so you don’t break it is as simple as pie.

Go out and buy a little container to put the pieces that you want to take with you, and line it with a small piece of foam. The foam will help it from slipping everywhere and will cushion it from whatever bumps it will take throughout the night.

Packing Costumes and Hair

This is actually going to be the easiest things in your drag bag to pack. While costumes can be folded and placed in the suitcase, some costumes you will have to carry in on a hanger (Gowns, Pieces to Costumes…etc.).

When you pack up your hair, some you can easily fold/flip inside out and place in your bag, while some you have to bring in while they are on the wig heads (styled hair or toppers).

Packing Makeup

This is going to be up to you on how you would like to pack your makeup. Some like to have train cases, some like to have a bag to put their makeup in, it is up to you on how you would like to pack their makeup.

Disclaimer: I will be including more on Storing Makeup in a later article.

Packing The Essentials

When you go to a show, it is essential that you pack the essentials (pun intended.) Packing extra essentials is always going to be a plus as well.

Make sure to pack extra sets of nails (if you do not get your nails professionally done), bobby pins, hairspray, lashes, if you think you need it, pack extra of it.

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