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Piercings And Tattoos

Piercings And Tattoos are the most common thing you will come around these days. Whether it is someone you are passing on the street, or if you have a piercing or a tattoo. However, when you enter the drag community, having a tattoo or piercing will either become a curse, or an absolute blessing.

Disclaimer: I have multiple Tattoo’s and have had numerous piercings in my short 5 years as an entertainer. This topic cover the biggest event where a tattoo or piercing can effect your career.

Many events these days tattoo’s and piercings are 100% acceptable. However, there is one activity where you may have to go the extra mile and have to change some things up. That event is:


Yes, it will be very obvious why I am bringing up this topic with tattoos and piercings.

It was just back in 2015 when a contestant for the Miss America Pageant willingly showed off a tattoo during the swimsuit competition on live television.

However, these days, many pageants are open to you having tattoos and piercings, but that also does not mean that all of them are open to you showing tattoo’s or piercings.

Here are some of my biggest tips when it comes to concealing them:

Covering Up A Tattoo

If you have a visible tattoo that you would like to hide, simply cover it!

Taking your pan stick, you can easily conceal the tattoo, and after a light dusting of power, its as if it was never there.

Covering A Piercing

Many facial piercings you can simply do one of two things:

-Place a clear spacer (its similar to a bar) into the space where the piercing is

-Simply place a dot of your foundation over the top of it and dust with powder

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