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Stoning and Beading

When you get into constructing costumes, and even just going to a basic drag show, you will notice that many of the costumes that you see on stage are covered in Rhinestones and Beads. Today, I will be discussing the topic of Stoning and Beading!

Stoning: Applying rhinestones to an article of clothing

Beading: Applying beads to an article of clothing

Every performer has some sort of experience when it comes to stoning or beading. Whether it be stoning a pair of shoes, beading a gown, or just adding a little dust of stones to an entire outfit, a performer will always have some sort of experience.

All About Stoning

Stone Quality

A huge point to make when ordering stones, is knowing the quality of the stones. This will come by knowing exactly what the stone is made out of.

The three most common styles include:

-Acrylic Stones: Rhinestones that are made out of plastic. Most commonly bought at a craft store.

-Chinese Glass: Rhinestones that are made out of glass

-Swarovski: Rhinestones of the highest quality

Stone Sizes

Many times when you order stones, they will come with an SS (Stone Size) number. Some of the bigger stones will come with a MM (Millimeter) number.

Some of the most common stone sizes include:






How To Attach To Outfits

Depending on the style of the stone (Some come as Hot Fix and some come as Blank Back), there will be a different method as to how you can attach the stone to a costume or article of clothing.

The Best Adhesives

Some of the best adhesives for any style of stone are: GemTac, E6000 (most common) and Tacky Glue.

Hot Fixing

These stones come with a pre-applied glue on the back of the stone that will melt and adhere to clothing when warmed. This method of stoning requires either a high-temp Iron, or a special Hot Fix Instrument.

*Do Not Hot Glue Or Use Super Glue On Costumes*


All About Beading

The most common bead to use with designing costumes is the Bugle Bead.

The Most Common Size Of Bead

The most common size of bead that is used when it comes to beading, is size 9MM. These are going to be the beads that will, not only, give off a brilliant shine to your costume, but will also be the most cost effective for newbies.


When it comes to beading, there are many different methods that you can use to apply them to a costume or gown. These are my top two methods for doing so:

  1. Gluing the Bead onto the fabric
  2. Taking the time to sew them on

When it comes to gluing on beads, you can use the above glues.

For sewing methods, it is best to use a beading thread over a regular sewing thread. The beading thread will have more elasticity in it and will also refrain from knotting when you using more than one or two beads per string of thread.

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