All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon, Tip Tuesday

Storing Beads and Rhinestones

When you get into stoning and beading, it will be no secret that you will soon be drowning in your collection of them. Between ordering numerous gross of stones, to ordering numerous amounts of beads for all of your costumes, you will see that your collection will grow pretty quickly.

Here is one of my biggest tips when it comes to storing your stones and beads: A bead organizer!

Yes, the name of the product is called the Bead Organizer, yet, the compartments on the container is perfect for storing items such as larger rhinestones, to small beads. I prefer to pick one up for each “color family” that I have in stones. It also helps to organize each item by size as well.

The organizer is acrylic, which means that you can see each color/size that is inside. I also find it helpful to print out a quick label to put on the side of the organizers to easily know what is in each one when they are sitting on top of the shelf.

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