All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

Support Your Local Performers!

In an article that will be presented later on today, I write about “The Rupaul Controversy” and how many would rather go see a queen from Rupaul’s Drag Race rather than a local performer. Today, I am here to tell you WHY you should support your local performers.

Here is the simple take: The queens you see on the big screen of RPDR, were once performing in bars and night clubs way before they were on show. They expected the love of the community before they got that once in a lifetime chance to be on a show.

Here is the large take: Rupaul’s Drag Race is just a show. Seriously. Go out to the bars and show those who make this community a community that you care about them just as equally. They are the ones who put on fundraisers to raise money for local organizations. They are the ones who take the time to put together huge events. They are the ones who will be here when RPDR decides to host its final season. Our performers are the ones who keep drag alive.

Supporting your local performers is a big stance that needs to be taken. Through going to a show, stopping and taking a picture with them, or just a simple “Hello” on Facebook, you can easily show your support.

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