All Things Drag, April 2017 Blogathon

The Lyric Book

Here is an interesting idea that I learned while actually watching a TV Special on a non-drag artist. While they were shooting behind the scenes, I noticed that there was a binder that someone would follow along with while the singer would sing and would help them know the words in case they would have issues. That binder, is known as a lyric binder, and it will be the one of those items that I would say is not necessarily important for drag, but can help if you are in a crunch.

When you think of lyrics, you think about looking them up online, or while you are watching a YouTube video. But have you ever thought of taking them off the web and printing them out? Well, A Lyric Book is just that!

Having a lyric book, is like having a textbook. A textbook teaches you something related to a subject, so a lyric book will teach you the lyrics that you need for a specific song. You will not only be able to learn the lyrics quicker, but you will also be able to add in little notes. Notes such as where breath marks are, what kind f move you want to do at what word, emphasized words, and more.

If you are looking at creating a lyric book, it is helpful to create A Music Bucket List (I posted an article a week ago with just this topic!), or you could compile a list of songs that you are curious about performing and add them in there!



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